Welcome to the Back of House

Welcome to Back Of House


  This is Back Of House, or BOH. A place for real, no-fucks-given discussion about the hospitality industry. I myself have been a Chef, primarily working in pastry, for the past ten years. I have worked all over the world, from luxurious hotels in the mountains of British Columbia to trendy cafes in the farmers markets of Australia. I’ve seen a lot and have met some incredible people along the way and these are their stories of greatness and heartbreak.


  Who are the work horses behind the food we eat? The dishwasher with the masters degree in chemistry; the bartender turned organic farmer; the sous chef who rarely receives the credit she or he deserves. I’m here to show the world of food, cooking, and service from the perspective of not only myself but the countless others who live and breathe this unforgiving industry.